Day 58 – erm 59?

Looking for content suggestions, so if you want to see anything specific in a post please let me know! 🙂 Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, between moving and a new job orientation and trying to work on my toon things have been rather hectic.

Ivanna is at 131 HW50, RB50, BW30, BC50, 70/70 fish, 24/30 golfing trophies, 0/18 racing trophies.

I don’t believe I’ve posted since I maxed boss so it’s definitely been awhile! With OMGcon right around the corner and the schedule finally officially posted I am SUPER excited to be going and sweating a little bit wondering if i can max by then. Cait (Galbatorix), her brother, Brennen (The Doctor) and Julie (Spotty Picklecrash) will all be officially at OMGcon with me and giving a strong showing for the Soundless Cult. We are planning on attending all the events with some pretty fun cos-plays. Here’s some pictures Julie and I got from last year!


And just in case you haven’t seen the schedule yet..
Straight from the TTR Website



Day 21: Real Life is a Pain

Well, good news is I survived my finals week and made it out with 4 As and 2 Bs (roughly). Bad news is I didn’t get to enjoy TTR last week :/

Ivanna @ HW19, RB50, BW19, and BC45. 67/70 fish!

My plans of finishing boss by this weekend have been crushed, but that’s okay. I will hopefully finish sometime this coming week 🙂 I will also be working on a v2 math guide, to help explain the all-powerful and mysterious carry over math in lieu of finishing up boss.


Day 9: So Glad I’m Not at Cash


122 and HW19, RB50, BW19, and BC37 (basically 38). I’ve caught about 300 buckets in The Brrrgh so far but no luck with Grizzly. Boss is slightly painfully slow.

I’m in what I’ve dubbed a “Silent Back 9” because we’re on floor 3 and nobody has spoken since we started, despite my 4 attempts at conversation/joke/direct questions. Not entirely sure if they’re angry at something or have forgotten how to type.

But really the title of this post, I’m SO glad I don’t have to work cash right now. There are several cult members doing mints and (trust me) cash is upholding its reputation as least friendly soundless environment.

So we (The Cult) decided to relax and have some fun last night with a CFO marathon of our own. We had a bunch of toons in and out, but the coolest part was that our elevator was a majority soundless toons on every run! I think our fastest run with 12:23 (according to The Doctor aka Brennen aka the guy that does math well). Here’s one of our later runs featuring us telling jokes and partially yelling at each other!

The Cult is getting ready to make our first appearance at Toonfest too with T-shirts and hopefully some really cool in-game type accessories. Super pumped!! Less than 2 months out now 🙂

(Update: after asking 3 times one toon in my Back 9 begrudgingly told me his fog count. Seems to be moving in the right direction.)

Soundless Just Getting Started

Whether you’re just starting out on your first soundless or you’ve played in Toontown Online, Toontown Rewritten as a soundless is a whole different ballgame than what you’re used to playing. This post is for those soundless who are just starting out in Toontown Rewitten maybe just past Lil’ Oldman getting ready to finally start cog headquarters.

Top 5 Tips:

  1. Max your gags as soon as possible!!! Toons will be more apt to run with you if you’ve already maxed your other tracks.
    • It makes it look like you know what you’re doing and you understand the value of having maxed gags to be able to carry your weight on a team. 
    • Trap and Drop are JUST as important as your other gags, so don’t neglect them! They’re your hard hitters and you’ll really need them in bosses and most facilities (excluding factories).
  2. Tell people you are soundless right away. The latest you should tell them is in the beginning of the first battle.
    • Changing strategies at 5 second to go on the clock is never fun for anyone involved and it will start you off on the wrong foot.
    • My personal suggestion is a bubble text put up immediately in round one and held for a few rounds, this way nobody can’t claim they ‘missed what you said’.
    • For facilities I’d recommend a simple phrase like ‘soundless btw hope you guys don’t mind’ as you approach the first battle. This gives people enough warning to get into the right mindset and if anyone is going to ditch you wont have to waste gags on a battle before going back.
  3. There is absolutely no need to apologize for being soundless.
    • This is a big pet peeve of mine, because it’s like apologizing for being a certain religion or going to college. Since when did people go around apologizing for life choices?
    • Don’t be a push over either. If someone’s being flat out rude to you there’s a report button and plenty of sassy comebacks that are within TTR chat guidelines.
  4. Many toons aren’t sure of how to play with a soundless, feel free to make suggestions.
    • Don’t be TOO pushy here, nobody likes to be bossed around.
    • A question mark at the end of your sentence can make a big difference ‘2 fog and ill drop’ vs ‘2 fog and ill drop?’
  5. Catch those fish, garden, race, and golf. The more extra laff you have the less toons think you don’t know what you’re doing.
    • Laff and gags should be at a good balance though so this may be tricky if your gags aren’t maxed.
    • If you have unmaxed gags at 110 more people will be worried you don’t know what you’re doing, compared to 90 laff where unmaxed gags are more understandable. So this goes back to #1, max your gags as soon as possible, THEN concentrate on boosting your laff up as high as possible.

Bonus potentially controversial SUGGESTION: Go with a shopping clan/guild and stock up on Sound SOS Cards, as well as 2 Star Sound cards from Field Offices (if those ever get released). These can be very helpful in longer battles like Back Nines, DAs, CFOs, and CEOs. (Personally, I did not start doing this until I was 15 levels away from maxing my last suit in TTO, bossbot. It was beneficial, but not entirely necessary, and also quite time consuming.) If you hate shopping it’s definitely not necessary, but if you have free time or get bored I’d say go for it! Those back 9s can get pretty long and it’s nice to be able to pull out a Sid or a Moe.

Day 3: Soundless Cult Fun

3 Days into my 2 Month Mission and happily skipping along at 122 with HW19, RB50, BW19, and BC31. I’ve decided to mainly focus on my suits first and worry about the extra laff from fishing, golfing, and racing later on.

I’m just going to take this opportunity to introduce The Soundless Cult. It started as a Skype chat of about 8 people and in the past few months has expanded to about 40 people, which (I’m biased but) is really awesome. We’re all full-blooded (6 tracks) soundless and for the most part pretty active. That being said if you want to join our chat Skype me at cookiesnatcher45.

So over the weekend the self-dubbed Soundless Cult had a lot of fun things happening. Biggest news being, we started a YouTube channel!

First we kicked the CEO’s butt.

And then we tried our hand at a Let’s Play

Our basic mission being to show people you can play just as efficiently without sound. Fighting stereotypes is no walk in the the park though,at least we’re having fun with it.

Just got into a Back 9 now, so I will try to update to do a Mission Status Update every few days and keep pushing out Smart guides!

A Few Good Reasons to go Soundless

For your first, second, or tenth time around

These are just my personal top 6 reasons. Feel free to disagree!

  1. You’re going to come out a better person.

Yeah, it’s not going to happen over night, and you can laugh at me all you want, but it’s going to put you in the shoes of a minority, and you’re going to walk that journey and embrace it (eventually).

  1. You’re going to learn patience.

Here’s a skill that personally I think got lost about 2 generations back. We’re living in a world where nearly everything we need is at our finger tips (it’s called instantaneous gratification). Then you’ve got those few things that still aren’t, and oh is our generation so bad at WAITING. Soundless, you’re going to be sitting for a bit before you find a group of GOOD people that will run with you. Which brings me to #3..

  1. You’re going to see this community’s true colors.

Rarely do I encounter a person who does not have an opinion on soundless toons. You will get nasty, rude, and snide comments, you will find people who think they need to babysit your every gag choice, and people who will just “lol” in your face and leave. But you will also find people who will help you and encourage you and genuinely enjoy playing you. (Let’s be honest, did you really want to play with someone in that first category? Soundless or not? I keep a list of people who won’t run with my soundless and you sure bet I’m not running with them on any of my other toons any time soon.)

  1. It’s funny.

You’ll develop a strange sense of humor at some point. Everyone’s obscure arguments for why soundless was the worst mistake of your life are going to get stranger and stranger and funnier and funnier.

There are days you are going to hate being soundless and hate the people who ditch you, and maybe even a day you want to go cry in a corner. Then you’re going to sit down and laugh, because if you don’t learn to laugh at yourself, your situation, and how illogical certain players can be, you’re not going to have any fun playing a soundless.

  1. You’re going to become a gag expert.

I know what you’re thinking, you’re already a gag expert. You already know that it takes 1 fog and 3 trunks to take out a level 10 and is there really anything more in life than that? Well… Probably, yes. Soundless toons (good soundless toons) know cog hit points and how to calculate track bonus and knockback, so when you start getting those bizarre gag choices like quicksand on top of a storm cloud, you know it’s not going to knock out a level 10 without a cupcake to back it up. And wouldn’t that be nice to know when you’re playing (with) a two-track uber?

  1. Bragging Rights

I’m crazier than you are! Hahaha! >:)

Soundless FAQs


I’d say about 3 out of 4 times I do a run with people I don’t know my inevitable announcement of my soundlessness is quickly followed by a question or 3… or 10. So here’s a brief list. I think it covers most of the common questions, but if I’m forgetting one please let me know in the comments!

Things Soundless Ask Me:

Q: Will I get a lot of toons harassing me in game?

A: Sometimes. Playing a soundless is not for toons who do not handle being insulted well. I will say with TTR I have noticed the community is a lot more accepting, so hopefully you won’t have to deal with many haters! 🙂

Q: But, if I do run into them how do I deal with soundless haters?

A: The Best thing you can do is to ignore these toons and keep a cool head. They’re just itching to get a response from you and start fighting- don’t give them one!

Q: Is it easy to get into facilities (places like mints and factories)?

A: This really depends on where you go and what time of day it is. In general I had more problems getting into Mints and DAs than Factories (because the cogs are smaller) and Cog Golf Courses (the toons there are usually more accepting and understanding). 

Q: What can I do when others sound?

A: This will vary from place to place. (Different strategies will be in different blog posts!)

Q:Which gag track is the most efficient?

A: If you’ve decided to run a soundless you’ve probably realized by now there is no ‘best’ gag track. If you are looking for a gardening suggestion from my experience it’s best of you plant throw or trap, but each has their own advantage.

Q: Which HQ will be the most challenging?

A: More of a matter of opinion, for me it’s boss just because it takes up so much time. However, you will get the blunt of haters hanging around cash.

Things Sounders Ask me:

Q: Should I lure instead of sounding?

A: No, us soundless toons would still like to get out fairly quickly too. Please, by all means sound as long as you can. (There are strategies that work almost as well in place of sound but, most likely, the group won’t know these and it’ll take longer to explain.)

Q: Well what will we do when everyone runs out of sound?

A: Now would be a great time to start luring and try out those other strategies. 

Q: Why would someone choose to be soundless in the first place?

A: Everyone has a different reason. Mine is that I get bored of sounding all the time and I was looking for a different challenge. Some people like to claim they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into because it was their first toon. Whatever the reason, telling any of us it was a ‘bad choice’ is really just annoying and useless (I can’t go back now, can I?)

Q: Do you like being soundless??

A: Yes. Yes! YES! I love it. If I didn’t love it I wouldn’t be playing the toon.

Q: Should I make a soundless toon??

A: I don’t know. That’s up to you. My next blog post is going to have my favorite reasons to go soundless, so I suppose it will depend on if you agree with those or not. In the end it’s your decision. 


2 Months 2 Missions

Hey guys!
<Mandatory welcome to my first blog post>

You’re probably thinking, Susie.. why???…

Okay, I’m going to completely ignore your question for a moment to inform you of something really important.


And if you hadn’t guessed yet, I’m super excited because that means I get to go hang out with some really cool people for 3 days and the Toontown Rewritten Team is most likely going to have some awesome stuff to share with us (yay!).

So I want to do two somethings special to mark the occasion:

  1. Get this blog up and running with information and an occasional rant
  2. Finally max out my soundless toon, Ivanna B Different

Ivanna is at 121 laff, BC 29, BW19, HW17, RB50. She’s missing 4 fish, 6 golfing trophies, and all of her racing stuff. I have 62 days, I’m pretty confident I can make it (considering its 1 AM and I’m writing this from the inside of a Back 9). But it’ll definitely be interesting.

The blog is going to be for my soundless guide plus whatever I feel like adding to it as a central location for a lot of good information about the game. So please feel free to make suggestions!

That’s it for now! See you in the game! 🙂