Skull Finder Puzzle Walk Through

Here is another old guide I dug up from my computer. Skull Finder was/still is my favorite game in DA offices! 🙂


Dedicated to Rob, still.
Because he needs it the most.

This is your typical Skull Finder board in a DA office.
There are a total of 49 squares, 7 of which are always skulls.
The object of the puzzle is to avoid the skulls and reach the other side of the puzzle, if you touch a skull you set off the cogs.
(For reference the top of my images will always be where the button is)

If you know how to play mine sweeper (a game installed on most computers) you’ll already be very good at this game because it’s almost the exact same.

If not, here are some brief instructions.
Each number shows how many skulls are touching it, including diagonals.
So, hypothetically the largest number you can have is an 8, meaning every single box around it is a skull. Like so:


Obviously, this is impossible because there is no way you could touch this box on Toontown where you have to work your way from front to back and cannot jump over squares.
If we were to open up all of the other squares around this the numbers would like this:


  • The ones in the corners are only touching one skull each diagonally, these are marked by green arrows.
  • The twos are each touching two skulls each one right next to them and one diagonally from them marked by pink arrows.
  • Finally the threes are touching three skulls each, marked by light blue arrows.

Remember, this is a hypothetical situation and would never actually happen in game. 

The largest number you would run into on Toontown is a Four.
So let’s try a real puzzle.


The game wouldn’t really be fair if you had to guess, so let’s open up that first row.


From here you should be able to pick out 2 skulls already, and identify which squares are clear to step on.
Remember each number relates to how many skulls it’s touching. If the number is a 1 and the skull has already been identified all other squares around the 1 will be clear.


  • Clear squares = Green FlagsGreen Arrows = Point from a 1 to the corresponding skull
  • Blue Arrow = Point from a 2 and identifies one of the skulls it corresponds with but the second skull hasn’t been identified yet
  • Pink Arrows = Point from a 2 in which both skulls have been identified to the skulls


If you figured all that out you’re in good shape.
By removing all the clear squares the game changes:


Try to figure out which square is definitely a skull, then click on the spoiler to see if you were right.
You will get the most out of this guide if you try it for yourself first and then see if you were right.



Good job if you got it!
If not, you can tell that one is a skull because it’s the only box the number one is still touching that hasn’t been revealed, and since that 1 isn’t already touching a different skull you know the box connected diagonally to the 1 is the skull.

Now from there you should be able to figure out that:


The two 2’s with pink arrows are now touching their allotted 2 skulls each. So any other boxes touching them must be clear.
By clearing these two boxes we arrive at this:


Now you should be able to pick out another skull. (Try it yourself before you scroll!)

If you don’t understand why the box on the far left is a skull here’s the explanation, otherwise you can skip down a little.
The 1 underneath it is only touching one more box that hasn’t been revealed and isn’t touching any other skulls. You could have also figured it out by using the 2 next to this 1, because that two is now only touching two unrevealed boxes and must be touching 2 skulls as well.
You can also mentally draw in the green arrows from both of the ones we just revealed because you already know which boxes they are touching are skulls.


Meaning, the following boxes must be clear since they are also touching those Ones.
Opening those we find:


We can’t pick out any new skulls, but you should be able to identify each skull the new squares correspond with. Like this:


Showing that most of the row behind them is clear.


And after stepping on all of those..


Woohoo! We found empty squares and can now run to the button!

At this point you would be done with the puzzle, but I’m going to go ahead and open up the entire puzzle.

Find the easy skull first.

Often times you will have to go to the other side of the puzzle towards the beginning, if you can’t figure one side out. If you’re stuck always try going back and working your way up the other side of the puzzle.

You can also identify another skull on the right side.

You had to use the two to the right of the skull that’s in the center of the puzzle to figure that one out.
From there you can pick out more clear squares.


And revealing them…


Try to pick out the last skull by yourself again.

You needed to use the 2 that was 2 down and 3 from the right (the one that has the pink arrows drawn from it) to pick out the skull.
Now, if you were counting you would know you’ve already found 7 skulls at this point so you can say the following:


Which inevitably leads us to the fully solved puzzle:

(Disclaimer- This puzzle was in an actual office on TTO)

I hope you enjoyed my guide!


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