Day 58 – erm 59?

Looking for content suggestions, so if you want to see anything specific in a post please let me know! 🙂 Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, between moving and a new job orientation and trying to work on my toon things have been rather hectic.

Ivanna is at 131 HW50, RB50, BW30, BC50, 70/70 fish, 24/30 golfing trophies, 0/18 racing trophies.

I don’t believe I’ve posted since I maxed boss so it’s definitely been awhile! With OMGcon right around the corner and the schedule finally officially posted I am SUPER excited to be going and sweating a little bit wondering if i can max by then. Cait (Galbatorix), her brother, Brennen (The Doctor) and Julie (Spotty Picklecrash) will all be officially at OMGcon with me and giving a strong showing for the Soundless Cult. We are planning on attending all the events with some pretty fun cos-plays. Here’s some pictures Julie and I got from last year!


And just in case you haven’t seen the schedule yet..
Straight from the TTR Website



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