Gag Math: v2.0 Explained & Strategies

If you haven’t looked at my Beginners Guide to cog math you should check that out first!

Now, I’m not going to lie, you can certainly get through boss without knowing v2 math (God knows I did twice on TTO). But, that being said, it may make your life a little easier. So if you’re comfortable with regular gag math you may as well learn this too!

Unlearning The Status Quo

Use Cake on a lured level 10 v2
100 + 50 = 150
v2 has 264 health so
264 – 150 = 114 left

TTR works more with a check system. Every time damage is applied the game asks itself “Is the cog dead yet?” So the above situation would go more like this:

100 dmg Is it dead yet? No.
50 knockback. Is it dead yet? Yes
Spawn second layer with 132 health. So now instead of 114 you have 132 dmg leftover.

Carryover is, unfortunately, not as easy as it sounds.


The Strange and the Stranger

Now the last part doesn’t look so bad, but this really starts to turn into a numbers game because you have constantly be thinking about damage order.
Lets use the example of a hose and 3 clouds on a lured level 12 v2.0.

  1. Lowest to Highest Level Gag Damage (Red damage in order)
    • Hose damage is applied before all cloud damage
    • 30 + 80 = 110 + 80 = 190 + 80 = 270 First Layer is Dead
  2. Same Gag Track Bonus (Yellow Damage)
    • 270 x .2 = 54 
  3. Lure Knockback Bonus (Orange Damage)
    1. 270 x .5 = 135 + 54 = 189 = 11 Damage Remaining.


  • If you use multiple sound gags the damage is shown together (2 fogs is shown as 100 dmg). However, the damage is still counted separately (50 and then 50).


Common Combinations

Level 10 v2.0

  • 2 cakes on a lured cog
  • 3 pies (Cream or fruit) and a cake on a lured cog
  • 4 organic cream pies on a lured cog
  • 2 clouds and a hose on a lured cog

Level 11 v2.0

  • 2 cakes and a cream pie on a lured cog
  • 3 clouds on a lured cog
  • 2 clouds on a lured cog and a safe

Level 12 v2.0

  • 3 cakes on a lured cog
  • 2 cakes on a lured cog and a safe
  • 4 Clouds on a lured cog
  • 1 hose and 2 pianos

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