Bossbot HQ Maze Maps – The Basics

Since I’m still working boss I figured I would push out my maze maps. I’ll have the quad solutions up tomorrow!

Because TTR doesn’t have GoogleMaps, you instead can enjoy my fabulous graphics!
Maps not exactly works of art, but should give you the general idea of the lay out of mazes.

There are 3 different maze sizes, singles, doubles, and quads.
You will only see double mazes in The Middle 6 and The Back 9, and you will only see quads in The Back 9.
Doubles are just two single mazes put back to back.

If you finish a maze first you will regain any and ALL of your missing laff points.
If you finish a maze after first you will regian up to 20 laff points.
Finally if you don’t finish at all you will be teleported to the end of the maze and lose 20 laff points.

For reference here, you will always enter a maze at point A, and finish at point D.
If you’re in a quad maze you may also enter a maze from point B, and exit a maze from point C.

Unless you’re in a quad you only have to worry about 4 possible mazes.

What You See at the Start Where You’re Going
entrblank_zpsoahw9mxl maze1reg_zpsnqeoln8x
entrvines_zpswxaephm7 maze2reg_zpseslni6ir
entrsingle_zpsybxfaq6w maze3reg_zpsaaqovvsz
entrquad_zpsuubi8fjz maze4reg_zps3ijxl5et

Quick tip for memorizing:
If you see leaves (vines like in the second picture above) you go left. Leaves go left.

I hoped this helped! These mazes are the building blocks into quads, so start by memorizing these and then check out my other post! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Bossbot HQ Maze Maps – The Basics

  1. Summer

    The third maze is confusing because it doesn’t show the forced right entrance. Is your entrance on the map the forced right? Or is it what you do AFTER you are forced to enter to the right?


    1. My entrance on the map is the forced right even if it doesnt look quite right. Just remember the first path where you actually get a choice in the direction you’re going you should go left!


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