Day 9: So Glad I’m Not at Cash


122 and HW19, RB50, BW19, and BC37 (basically 38). I’ve caught about 300 buckets in The Brrrgh so far but no luck with Grizzly. Boss is slightly painfully slow.

I’m in what I’ve dubbed a “Silent Back 9” because we’re on floor 3 and nobody has spoken since we started, despite my 4 attempts at conversation/joke/direct questions. Not entirely sure if they’re angry at something or have forgotten how to type.

But really the title of this post, I’m SO glad I don’t have to work cash right now. There are several cult members doing mints and (trust me) cash is upholding its reputation as least friendly soundless environment.

So we (The Cult) decided to relax and have some fun last night with a CFO marathon of our own. We had a bunch of toons in and out, but the coolest part was that our elevator was a majority soundless toons on every run! I think our fastest run with 12:23 (according to The Doctor aka Brennen aka the guy that does math well). Here’s one of our later runs featuring us telling jokes and partially yelling at each other!

The Cult is getting ready to make our first appearance at Toonfest too with T-shirts and hopefully some really cool in-game type accessories. Super pumped!! Less than 2 months out now 🙂

(Update: after asking 3 times one toon in my Back 9 begrudgingly told me his fog count. Seems to be moving in the right direction.)


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