Lawbot HQ Soundless

Blue = Just for Soundless
Pink = For Sounders
Red = Both

Law is an easy suit to work, considering you can get a group.

District of Attorneys’ Offices

The preferred strategy in here with a soundless is to lure the FIRST set and triple fog the second. (If that doesn’t end up happening and you still prefer to sound on the first set and all works out you should be able to fog up to the fourth floor of any DA, going 2 fogs at a time for 3 floors, and 3 together on the 4th.)

Useful sound combos:
*Assumes all are maxed*

fog_zpsedc8cda5 + fog_zpsedc8cda5 + trunk_zpsc7d3bb92 will take out the level 10s in the first battle.

fog_zpsedc8cda5 + fog_zpsedc8cda5 + fog_zpsedc8cda5 and a safe (hose or pie also works) will take out the second set of cogs.

fogo_zps36081127 + fogo_zps36081127 + trunk_zpsc7d3bb92 will take out the entire first set of cogs. If this is the case you may want to lure so they don’t miss.

fogo_zps36081127 + fogo_zps36081127 + aoogah_zps11d3ea6d will only take out a level 10.


The CJ

The CJ is the easiest boss on TT when it comes to cogs. It’s short, and only has level 8 through 12 cogs. Since this is a quick round, there will only be a few rounds you have to lure (if any at all).

  1. Plan on hitting one of the higher level cogs the sound won’t take out.
  2. Most of the time you’ll probably be luring so sound hits.

If there are cogs at varying levels don’t think you have to take all of them out. For instance, if there are 3 level 10 cogs and a level 11 use two fog and one trunk to take out the 10s, the soundless will deal with the 11.

Sound combos include:
*Assumes all are maxed*

trunk_zpsc7d3bb92 + trunk_zpsc7d3bb92fog_zpsedc8cda5 will take out up to a level 9.

trunk_zpsc7d3bb92 + fog_zpsedc8cda5 + fog_zpsedc8cda5 will take out up to a level 10.

trunk_zpsc7d3bb92 + fogo_zps36081127 + fogo_zps36081127 will take out a level 11.

fog_zpsedc8cda5 + fog_zpsedc8cda5 + fog_zpsedc8cda5 will take out a level 11.

opera_zps83bcd9e3 + trunk_zpsc7d3bb92 + trunk_zpsc7d3bb92 will take out a level 11.

opera_zps83bcd9e3fog_zpsedc8cda5 + trunk_zpsc7d3bb92 will take out a level 12.


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