Day 3: Soundless Cult Fun

3 Days into my 2 Month Mission and happily skipping along at 122 with HW19, RB50, BW19, and BC31. I’ve decided to mainly focus on my suits first and worry about the extra laff from fishing, golfing, and racing later on.

I’m just going to take this opportunity to introduce The Soundless Cult. It started as a Skype chat of about 8 people and in the past few months has expanded to about 40 people, which (I’m biased but) is really awesome. We’re all full-blooded (6 tracks) soundless and for the most part pretty active. That being said if you want to join our chat Skype me at cookiesnatcher45.

So over the weekend the self-dubbed Soundless Cult had a lot of fun things happening. Biggest news being, we started a YouTube channel!

First we kicked the CEO’s butt.

And then we tried our hand at a Let’s Play

Our basic mission being to show people you can play just as efficiently without sound. Fighting stereotypes is no walk in the the park though,at least we’re having fun with it.

Just got into a Back 9 now, so I will try to update to do a Mission Status Update every few days and keep pushing out Smart guides!


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