Cashbot HQ Soundless


Blue = Just for Soundless
Pink = For Sounders
Red = Both

Cash is one of the more difficult suits to work on a soundless, believe it or not. I’m going to stop you here if you thought this would be a good first suit to max (go try sell first and get your feet wet before jumping into this mess). I would also highly recommend you max your gags before proceeding into cash at all. 


Toons usually like to conserve fogs in mints but when playing with a soundless everyone’s going to have to get over their stingyness and know when to start using lure. 

Handy Sound Combos:
*assumes all gags are maxed*

fog_zpsedc8cda5 + fog_zpsedc8cda5 + trunk_zpsc7d3bb92 will take out a level 10

fog_zpsedc8cda5 + fog_zpsedc8cda5 + fog_zpsedc8cda5 will take out a level 11

fogo_zps36081127 + fogo_zps36081127 + trunk_zpsc7d3bb92 will take out a level 11


  • Lure the set of all 11s, sounding will just waste fogs.
  • You can take out the extra cogs (the 11s) by dropping a safe, using a pie, or even a hose. If you haven’t maxed your drop yet I wouldn’t be totally opposed to you using it to train up your drop either (x6 bullion multiplier is very nice).
  • If there are two cogs left and one is a robber baron you’ll want to go after him first because he can hit with Power Trip, which will hit all toons (loan sharks and money bags are limited to single attacks).



The CFO battle is pretty unique cog wise in Toontown, this is the only time you’ll have all different level cogs (1 -12) for more than a few rounds (like in VP).

  1. Since this is the case, you’ll want to aim for the biggest cog and let the other toons take out the smaller ones with sound.
  2. If there is no ‘bigger’ cog try luring for them.
  1. For everyone else, feel free to leave a level 10 or 11 hanging around and save a fog, the soundless toon will be going for this cog.
  2. If the cogs are all the same level take all of them out, don’t feel like you need to leave one hanging around just so the soundless toon has something to do (they can always lure).

Sound combos helpful in CFOs are listed under the VP section here.


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