Soundless FAQs


I’d say about 3 out of 4 times I do a run with people I don’t know my inevitable announcement of my soundlessness is quickly followed by a question or 3… or 10. So here’s a brief list. I think it covers most of the common questions, but if I’m forgetting one please let me know in the comments!

Things Soundless Ask Me:

Q: Will I get a lot of toons harassing me in game?

A: Sometimes. Playing a soundless is not for toons who do not handle being insulted well. I will say with TTR I have noticed the community is a lot more accepting, so hopefully you won’t have to deal with many haters! 🙂

Q: But, if I do run into them how do I deal with soundless haters?

A: The Best thing you can do is to ignore these toons and keep a cool head. They’re just itching to get a response from you and start fighting- don’t give them one!

Q: Is it easy to get into facilities (places like mints and factories)?

A: This really depends on where you go and what time of day it is. In general I had more problems getting into Mints and DAs than Factories (because the cogs are smaller) and Cog Golf Courses (the toons there are usually more accepting and understanding). 

Q: What can I do when others sound?

A: This will vary from place to place. (Different strategies will be in different blog posts!)

Q:Which gag track is the most efficient?

A: If you’ve decided to run a soundless you’ve probably realized by now there is no ‘best’ gag track. If you are looking for a gardening suggestion from my experience it’s best of you plant throw or trap, but each has their own advantage.

Q: Which HQ will be the most challenging?

A: More of a matter of opinion, for me it’s boss just because it takes up so much time. However, you will get the blunt of haters hanging around cash.

Things Sounders Ask me:

Q: Should I lure instead of sounding?

A: No, us soundless toons would still like to get out fairly quickly too. Please, by all means sound as long as you can. (There are strategies that work almost as well in place of sound but, most likely, the group won’t know these and it’ll take longer to explain.)

Q: Well what will we do when everyone runs out of sound?

A: Now would be a great time to start luring and try out those other strategies. 

Q: Why would someone choose to be soundless in the first place?

A: Everyone has a different reason. Mine is that I get bored of sounding all the time and I was looking for a different challenge. Some people like to claim they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into because it was their first toon. Whatever the reason, telling any of us it was a ‘bad choice’ is really just annoying and useless (I can’t go back now, can I?)

Q: Do you like being soundless??

A: Yes. Yes! YES! I love it. If I didn’t love it I wouldn’t be playing the toon.

Q: Should I make a soundless toon??

A: I don’t know. That’s up to you. My next blog post is going to have my favorite reasons to go soundless, so I suppose it will depend on if you agree with those or not. In the end it’s your decision. 



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