A Few Good Reasons to go Soundless

For your first, second, or tenth time around

These are just my personal top 6 reasons. Feel free to disagree!

  1. You’re going to come out a better person.

Yeah, it’s not going to happen over night, and you can laugh at me all you want, but it’s going to put you in the shoes of a minority, and you’re going to walk that journey and embrace it (eventually).

  1. You’re going to learn patience.

Here’s a skill that personally I think got lost about 2 generations back. We’re living in a world where nearly everything we need is at our finger tips (it’s called instantaneous gratification). Then you’ve got those few things that still aren’t, and oh is our generation so bad at WAITING. Soundless, you’re going to be sitting for a bit before you find a group of GOOD people that will run with you. Which brings me to #3..

  1. You’re going to see this community’s true colors.

Rarely do I encounter a person who does not have an opinion on soundless toons. You will get nasty, rude, and snide comments, you will find people who think they need to babysit your every gag choice, and people who will just “lol” in your face and leave. But you will also find people who will help you and encourage you and genuinely enjoy playing you. (Let’s be honest, did you really want to play with someone in that first category? Soundless or not? I keep a list of people who won’t run with my soundless and you sure bet I’m not running with them on any of my other toons any time soon.)

  1. It’s funny.

You’ll develop a strange sense of humor at some point. Everyone’s obscure arguments for why soundless was the worst mistake of your life are going to get stranger and stranger and funnier and funnier.

There are days you are going to hate being soundless and hate the people who ditch you, and maybe even a day you want to go cry in a corner. Then you’re going to sit down and laugh, because if you don’t learn to laugh at yourself, your situation, and how illogical certain players can be, you’re not going to have any fun playing a soundless.

  1. You’re going to become a gag expert.

I know what you’re thinking, you’re already a gag expert. You already know that it takes 1 fog and 3 trunks to take out a level 10 and is there really anything more in life than that? Well… Probably, yes. Soundless toons (good soundless toons) know cog hit points and how to calculate track bonus and knockback, so when you start getting those bizarre gag choices like quicksand on top of a storm cloud, you know it’s not going to knock out a level 10 without a cupcake to back it up. And wouldn’t that be nice to know when you’re playing (with) a two-track uber?

  1. Bragging Rights

I’m crazier than you are! Hahaha! >:)


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