Gag Math for Beginners


Before you can begin to TTR you should have a basic understanding of gag math, it’s pretty pivotal in those low laff situations and could mean the difference between you dancing or staring at your feet at the playground.

Cog Hit Point Chart:



If you don’t want to keep this chart by you or memorize it there’s an easy trick to figuring out a cogs hit points.

You can just use this equation:

(Cog level +1) * (Cog level +2) = Cogs hit points

Ex: A lvl 6 cog

(6+1)*(6+2)= HP

7*8 = 56

Exception: Level 12 cogs have 200 hit points, because TTO can’t do math.


If you use more than 1 gag of the same track there is a 20% bonus.

For instance, if there are two trunks (21 points each) and one fog (50 points)..

21 + 21 + 50 = 92  

20% of 92 is 18.4 (found by my trusty calculator)

92 ( the initial hit points) + 19 (the 20% bonus- TT always rounds UP) = 111 hit points (just enough to take out a level 9 cog)


All cogs in TTR have a 50% knock back bonus if they’re lured (assuming the gag is throw or squirt)!

So, if you threw a birthday cake at a cog..

100 initial hit points from a birthday cake

50% of 100 is 50

100 (initial) + 50(bonus) = 150 (enough to take out a level 10 cog)


Now if you threw a cake and cream pie (40 points) at a cog..

100 + 40 = 140 initial hit points

20% of 140 = 28 points extra from the gag track bonus

50% of 140 = 70 extra from the lure bonus

140 (initial) + 28 (gag track bonus) + 70 (lure bonus) = 238 total hit points


As you play you’ll be introduced to common strategies and have a good idea on what will take out a cog, but it never hurts to be able to do the quick math in your head.


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