2 Months 2 Missions

Hey guys!
<Mandatory welcome to my first blog post>

You’re probably thinking, Susie.. why???…

Okay, I’m going to completely ignore your question for a moment to inform you of something really important.


And if you hadn’t guessed yet, I’m super excited because that means I get to go hang out with some really cool people for 3 days and the Toontown Rewritten Team is most likely going to have some awesome stuff to share with us (yay!).

So I want to do two somethings special to mark the occasion:

  1. Get this blog up and running with information and an occasional rant
  2. Finally max out my soundless toon, Ivanna B Different

Ivanna is at 121 laff, BC 29, BW19, HW17, RB50. She’s missing 4 fish, 6 golfing trophies, and all of her racing stuff. I have 62 days, I’m pretty confident I can make it (considering its 1 AM and I’m writing this from the inside of a Back 9). But it’ll definitely be interesting.

The blog is going to be for my soundless guide plus whatever I feel like adding to it as a central location for a lot of good information about the game. So please feel free to make suggestions!

That’s it for now! See you in the game! 🙂



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